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Beanie Babies and Asset Division

Beanie Babies and Asset Division

Every now and then you run along an interesting case regarding asset division. In this case, the two parties could not find a way to split their Beanie Baby collection. It should be noted this was in the late nineties at the height of the Beanie Baby craze when the toys became arguably the first internet sensation. So, because the couple could not split their collection without court involvement, they were requested by a judge to do it in court. The couple took turns choosing their pick of the collection valued between 2,500 and 5,000 dollars.

In a divorce process, asset division is one of the most important aspects. People want to have a fair share of the property and assets they’ve shared throughout the marriage. It can get emotional if one side feels they aren’t getting an equitable split. Both sides often want to maintain a semblance of control. This is why instances like Beanie Baby splitting in a courtroom aren’t far fetched or unheard of.

At The Marchese Law Firm, we approach asset division with the understanding that it’s a uniquely sensitive issue. We also have the knowledge and tact to be able to tell our clients what their outcome will most likely be while positioning for the fairest split.

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