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Beanie Babies and Asset Division

Beanie Babies and Asset Division

Every now and then you run along an interesting case regarding asset division. In this case, the two parties could not find a way to split their Beanie Baby collection. It should be noted this was in the late nineties at the height of the Beanie Baby craze when the toys became arguably the first Read More

I got served with divorce papers…Now What?

Divorce is a stressful time, especially if you aren’t prepared for it and can become worse if you don’t prepare properly. There are several steps you should take after being served with divorce papers, both to protect yourself and make the process as smooth as possible. Seek out Legal Counsel While getting an attorney may Read More

Division of Assets in Michigan Divorce Cases

There are two types of property in a marriage: marital and separate property. Marital property is all property acquired during the marriage, even if one’s name is not on the title. Separate property is anything that was owned by a spouse prior to the marriage, gifted or inherited during the marriage. Marital Property in Michigan Read More

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