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How Covid-19 Has Affected The Divorce Process

How Covid-19 Has Affected The Divorce Process

Are you wondering what to expect for a divorce during these times? Interested in how Covid-19 has influenced divorce trends and the legal process? Rachael Lewandusky of The Marchese Law Firm explores how Covid-19 and the pandemic have changed the landscape of divorce for attorneys and clients. Want to read more about Covid-19 and child Read More

How to tell your children you are getting a divorce

Every family is different, as is every child, so there is no ‘right way’ to talk to your children about your divorce. However, here are a few suggestions and things to keep in mind when approaching the subject: Keep it Simple and Age Appropriate Children don’t need to know all the details, especially the first Read More

What advice would you give to families in order to minimize the overall impact of divorce on their children?

Understand that no matter what your spouse has done or how much you hate them, you will have to have a relationship with them for the rest of your life. You cannot make them go away. Your children are the most important thing in the world and your anger, resentment, and hatred will only make Read More

Custody and parenting time in COVID-19 Coronavirus

Divorced parents who co-parent have wondered how parenting time issues will be effected with the Michigan State lockdown and the shut down of schools and other child care facilities, in addition to non essential businesses. Hopefully the impact will be minimal at best. In doing so, please keep these tips in mind when co parenting Read More

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