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How Social Media Impacts Divorce Cases

How Social Media Impacts Divorce Cases

We had someone ask a question about appropriate social media use during one of our consultations recently. They wanted to know if there could be any consequences if their spouse shared details about their divorce on Facebook. Legally, social media can be used as evidence in family law cases. Social media posts have been used Read More

Acting Responsibly on Social Media: Right Time, Right Place

Once introduced to technology, kids become addicted. According to a 2012 survey by The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, 95% of students have consistent online access and 81% use some kind of social media. As such, social media has had an impact on marketing, communication, advertising, and elementary and secondary classrooms. Vanwynsberghe Read More

Widening the World We Live in

Social networking provides businesses with new avenues for professional development, marketing and communications. Through a marketing and advertising standpoint, the progression of social media sites creates great strategies for the expansion of both small and large businesses. In this day in age, business development and online marketing is required for the success of one’s business. Read More

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