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Divorcing an Alcoholic Spouse

Divorcing an Alcoholic Spouse

People can be pushed to their limits if their spouse denies their alcoholism and won’t seek help. Unfortunately, continuing to live in a distressing environment may become unsafe for the wellbeing of the spouses and children of alcoholics. At this point, divorce is an option. Michigan is a no fault state, so you don’t need evidence of an addiction to move forward with a divorce.

How do you know if you are at the end of your limit of trying to provide care to an alcoholic? Donna Thompson shares the thought process she evaluated before getting a divorce from her alcoholic spouse:

“Eventually, I came to terms with these beliefs:

  • I was powerless over alcohol.
  • I had stopped enabling it.
  • I could stand on my head and spit nickels and have no effect on the alcoholic’s behavior.
  • The alcoholic demonstrated no desire to change.
  • The alcoholic appeared to be someone incapable of being honest, least of all with himself.
  • I had stopped feeling and behaving as if I were a victim.
  • I had the emotional strength to leave what had become a travesty of a marriage.”

If you can relate to these after some self-reflection it may be time to get a divorce. This is easier said than done. Many people avoid getting a divorce because of the guilt they feel of not being able to cure their spouse’s addiction. A person must find peace with these feelings of guilt in their own way, but they should know that they can’t control, cure, or cause the addiction. The emotional toll caused by alcoholism and divorce can be quelled with support and therapy. Make sure you are communicating with trusted friends and family so they can lend support and seek professional therapy to work through distressing thoughts.

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