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Why It’s Important to Hire a Family Law Attorney – Family Law Attorneys Near Me

Why It’s Important to Hire a Family Law Attorney – Family Law Attorneys Near Me

The American family has changed drastically over the past few decades. According to the Pew Research Center, millennials approach families differently than previous generations, Baby Boomer divorce rates are up 50%, and the U.S. has the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households. 


No two families are alike, which means no two divorces, custody agreements, or spousal settlements are alike either. 


Family law can be some of the most emotionally taxing and delicate matters for judges, attorneys, and clients to handle. There is nothing more important than family, and no matter what situation you are in, you need legal representation that cares about your family as much as you do, while still bringing skills, experience, and professionalism to your case. 

When Do You Need Legal Counsel? 

You will benefit from booking a consultation with a family law attorney in the following situations.


Family law attorneys advise their clients on all matters related to divorce or dissolution. Whether you were married or in a committed relationship where you cohabitated, the end of that partnership will come with legal, financial, and personal complications, all of which a family attorney can assist.  

Asset Division

More than just a home or car, asset division involves debt, inheritance, liability, and more. There are countless legal considerations at play during asset division, including: 

  • Marriage length
  • Children’s needs
  • Earning abilities
  • Divorce circumstances 
  • Financial and property marital contributions 
  • Health and needs of each party 
  • The fault of either party 


These are just a handful of complications to asset division. It is imperative to have a representation that understands these nuances and how to navigate them in the court system.

Child Custody & Support

What does it mean for something to be “in the best interest of the child”? While this may be obvious to each parent, to a judge, it is anything but. Add separation, grandparents, school districting, moving, disabilities, and new significant others into the mix, and it becomes impossible to handle alone, especially while trying to balance your own best interests in legal proceedings. 

Spousal Support/Alimony

Just like asset division, many factors influence spousal support beyond just earnings:


  • Marriage length
  • Spousal conduct 
  • Spousal property and assets 
  • Age, ability, needs, and health of each spouse 


Unlike child support, there is no statutory formula to calculate alimony in Michigan, which makes it one of the most contentious and fraught parts of the divorce proceedings. It is crucial to find a representation that will fight for your best interest, understand the realistic needs of every party involved, and find a balance between them in court.

Why Should You Hire a Family Attorney to Help?

There are many reasons an attorney will likely be your best choice. Here are the most important ones.


Paperwork, deadlines, jargon, legal precedence, and knowledge of past cases are just a handful of expert skills that a quality family attorney will offer his clients. Every step of the legal process requires specialized knowledge and decades of experience, and no amount of research will get you there on your own. The law is too complex. A great family attorney brings with them not only knowledge but thousands of past cases in their tool belt.

Legislation Is Always Changing

In 2021, there were sixteen changes to Michigan family law legislation alone, which is a lot to keep track of by yourself. Family law practices stay up to date on all legislative changes and constantly adapt their practice to keep up with new legal precedents and challenges. 

Legal Connections

The more comprehensive the law firm, the more fruitful their relationships are with everyone in the legal system: other attorneys, judges, clerks, and everyone else who could help or hurt your case. These relationships can make or break a day in court, and the respect your attorneys garners reflects on their clients. 

Saving Money

Although hiring a lawyer can be expensive, it can save you significantly in the long term. If you defend yourself, the chances of losing your case are considerably higher, and you could end up with more alimony expenses or a smaller portion of assets. A family law attorney can help you get the money you deserve without paying as much to the opposing party.

Equal Footing

Chances are, the other party will have hired an attorney and will therefore have the backing of legal knowledge and skill, as well as relationships with judges and more preparation. It is paramount to have legal representation, especially when the opposing party does. It is vital to have the best help possible when facing a court of law.  

State by State

Michigan has one of the most complicated family law systems and lacks statutes that other states have on items such as alimony and property division, making it almost impossible to navigate alone. Finding a firm with decades of experience working in and around the specifics of Michigan’s court system is invaluable, especially considering the constant legislative changes. 

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, the legal side of your family issues should be the least of your worries. Family issues are stressful, and it is unreasonable to expect you to have to take care of your home, children, other relatives, and your mental health while also worrying about legal logistics. Hiring a family law attorney with an excellent reputation means you can leave the paperwork to them and concentrate on helping your cause.

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No matter what legal problems you may face, the Marchese Law Firm has experience in every area. You will have an experienced team behind you that works cohesively and passionately to get you the best possible counsel. 


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