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Most Common Divorce Questions

Most Common Divorce Questions

We keep busy at The Marchese Law Firm. On an average day we take several consultations which include meeting with potential clients who have questions about the divorce process. Over the years it’s become clear that certain questions are at the forefront of people’s mind when they begin a divorce.

It’s our goal to share the answers to these questions with potential clients. When a potential client has prior knowledge of what to expect when filing for a divorce, it allows us to answer more personal and pressing questions during consultations. It also empowers clients to be more in control of their case. Our team has created this video where we answer:

  1. How do I file for divorce?
  2. How do I break the news to my spouse?
  3. How do I break the news to my children?
  4. How do I get my spouse the paperwork?
  5. What happens after papers have been served?
  6. How do we reach an agreement?
  7. What is mediation?
  8. How long will my divorce take?
  9. How much does an attorney cost?

We hope you find this video helpful as we go through all these questions and give our expert advice.

Do you still have questions about the divorce process? Feel free to schedule a consultation where we can go through any questions you may have.

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