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What to Look for When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

What to Look for When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Oakland County Estate Planning AttorneyWhen planning to set up a will or a trust for yourself and your family it is important to plan accordingly throughout the process. It is equally important to think the process through when selecting the right estate planning attorney. When you start your research for estate planning attorneys, you need to keep in mind a few things. First you want to make sure they have a good personality that is fit to you. Second, you will want to find one that works with wills and trust regularly. Lastly, are they creditable to this specific type of law? Estate Planning sounds like a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when you have the right attorney to do the legal legwork for you. The best attorneys plan your estate, review all your assets to make sure your property has a post death plan, and have a plan to distribute your property to the people you desire.

An Estate Planning Attorney That You Can Trust

As a client, you want a lawyer who you are able to build trust with and who feels right for you and your family. You want a lawyer who looks at factors that align with your interests, who specializes in estate planning, and has the appropriate amount of experience.  Look for a lawyer with good interpersonal and listening skills, and whether they can communicate effectively with you and don’t leave you with confusion or second thoughts. Remember, this is the person your spouse or family will most likely be dealing with after you are gone. One way you can determine if they would be right for you is by the testimonies and reviews from their current or former clients.  You want an attorney that advises clients to contact them with any questions, and responds to you in a timely manner. Your concerns or questions are important!

An Attorney That Is Knowledgeable

You will want to look for an attorney who is experienced to this specific area of law, other than a general practice attorney. The law is continuously changing and you want an attorney that works on wills and trust regularly. An attorney who is knowledgeable and caught up to date on the latest regulations, and is effective in answering your questions throughout the process, is vital to your planning.

Helpful Tips When Researching

  • Search the internet to learn more about prospective attorneys.
  • Ask other people if they know or have heard of any estate planning attorneys and what they think about them.
  • Contact your state bar association or visit the bar association’s web site to find out if the lawyer is in good standing.
  • Check the membership directory of local, state or national associations. Is the lawyer listed?
  • Read any relevant reviews and testimonies.
  • Reflect on how the attorney’s staff treats you when you call the office for a consultation, because they are a reflection of how the lawyer practices.
  • Search locally as you will always want to hire a lawyer that’s local.
  • Understand and agree with the lawyer’s retainer agreement.
  • Trust your gut and hire an attorney that is right for you.

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