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Are you truly keeping your case amicable?

One big concern in divorce cases with children is whether the parents will reach a custody and parenting time agreement. There are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody is where the parties make major decisions about the child(ren) such as: where the kids go to school, what medical treatments they receive like Read More

What is a Nesting Co-Parenting Arrangement?

Living Arrangements and Parenting During a Divorce During a divorce, living arrangements and parenting time agreements are dependent on so many different factors and there is no “one size fits all” option that works for each family. Perhaps you have small children who require stability. Maybe neither you or your spouse can afford or desire Read More

Divorce Over 50: A Gray Divorce

Most divorces occur between spouses in their thirties on average. However, in the past several decades family law firms are seeing more and more divorce cases from those 50 or older. Interestingly enough, general divorce rates are decreasing, yet the rates among people over 50 are rising [1]. They are rising so much they are Read More

What to Do Before Filing for Divorce

Video Transcription: Today we’re going to be talking about steps that you can take prior to filing for divorce and what are some good moves, and what are some not so good moves that people do prior to filing. Financials So prior to filing for divorce, a good idea is to just hopefully have an Read More

12 Best Interest of the Child Factors

Divorcing an Alcoholic Spouse

People can be pushed to their limits if their spouse denies their alcoholism and won’t seek help. Unfortunately, continuing to live in a distressing environment may become unsafe for the wellbeing of the spouses and children of alcoholics. At this point, divorce is an option. Michigan is a no fault state, so you don’t need Read More

Acknowledging Alcoholism

What to do when your spouse is not able to acknowledge their alcoholism Before an alcoholic can adequately get help, they need to acknowledge that they have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Due to various psychological factors, many alcoholics are unable to admit that they have an addiction. When confronted, unaccepting alcoholics often downplay the Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Alcoholism’s impact on Children

Marriage & Alcoholism

Some facts about alcoholisms ability to damage marriages from Ria Health:   Detachment and Emotional Unavailability   Alcohol may be thought of as a social lubricant; however, heavy use can cause detachment from relationships. Both partners may begin to emotionally withdraw as the disorder becomes unmanageable. One small study 7 found that men with AUD Read More

How Social Media Impacts Divorce Cases

We had someone ask a question about appropriate social media use during one of our consultations recently. They wanted to know if there could be any consequences if their spouse shared details about their divorce on Facebook. Legally, social media can be used as evidence in family law cases. Social media posts have been used Read More

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