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Daniel Marchese, esq

Probate estate administration can be a difficult process but does not have to be when competent representation is involved. After a family member dies, either a trust, a will or Michigan intestate (when there is no will) law determines how the person’s property and assets will be divided and distributed. Our Rochester, Michigan Oakland County probate attorneys can further explain this process, your legal duties and options, and how beneficiaries can most efficiently close their family member’s estate. We also serve clients in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, estate administration of all sorts, and probate litigation regarding contested trust issues, wills and competency issues

Mr. Marchese believes that every client deserves individual attention and the best representation possible. A philosophy of conflict resolution and professionalism is what best helps the client’s situation, although he can be intelligently aggressive when needed.

Daniel recognizes the emotional trauma and pain individuals suffer when going through a death. As a result, he gives his clients the time and experience necessary to guide them through times where important decisions are made during difficult times.

Aiming To Reach A Fair, Cost-Effective Resolution

In every case, Daniel strives to bring about a quick, civilized, fair and inexpensive resolution. If that cannot be accomplished, then he offers an aggressive, yet professional representation.

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