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Highly Recommend

Posted by Shelbi
June 10, 2020

Daniel Marchese is very intelligent, understanding and was flexible with my case. I reached out to several other attorney’s before finding him, all of which we hesitant to take on the battle. Daniel always carried himself professionally with a respectful, moral and ethical foundation. He did not back down and was not afraid of the challenge my case presented. In the court room, he has shown grace and class while maintaining his stance. Additionally, I never once felt like he was not on my side nor was there ever a feeling it was about the money. It always felt like he truly cared about my son and helping correct the wrongs that had previously been done. I will always carry his contact information in the event I need counsel or advice in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Great Communication

Posted by Leah
May 23, 2020

I am very pleased with the expertise provided to me by Dan and Rachael. They were very prompt with their communications with me, always had an answer for my many questions, and I knew they had my best interest at heart. They made me feel at ease, during a very uneasy time in my life, and for that I am very grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend the Marchese Law Firm.


Posted by Joe
April 15, 2020

The Marchese Law Firm handled my case. They were upfront and honest during the entire process. They made the process easy and smooth for me. They were always willing to explain everything to me in detail and dummy it down so I understood. I highly recommend them.

Best Intrest

Posted by AJ
February 9, 2020

Mr. Marchese was my ex-husband’s divorce attorney but right from the outset we were able to work through the terms of our settlement together. Although he represented my ex-husband, he was able to provide some guidance to me and was able to strike a balance between my ex-husband and I so that we could settle our divorce as peacefully as possible and do what’s right for our daughter, given the circumstances.

He kept everyone’s best interest in mind and he and his office staff went above and beyond even when they were not obliged to. His approach certainly prevented our case from becoming contentious which in turn helped to avoid unnecessary legal fees.

I truly appreciate all that he has done and would highly recommend him.

Help in a hard situation

Posted by Sarah
September 17, 2019

I came to Dan when I needed help with my divorce. Everything was spiraling out of control and I felt lost. Dan really stepped up to the plate and helped ease my mind. I have personally worked in law for over 12 years and I have not met a single attorney who returns calls and communicates better than Dan. He always was there when I needed something and went above and beyond to make sure that things were done quickly and at a reasonable cost. It was nice to work with someone that was knowledgeable and understanding of my situation and feelings. Divorce was not an easy option for me and Dan really helped an awful situation get better. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone I know.

Intelligent and effective

Posted by Justin
September 8, 2018

I hired Daniel in early 2018 to represent me in my divorce. When we first met to discuss my situation Daniel asked what was truly important to me in this divorce. At the top of that list was getting fair and equal time with my young children. Daniel reassured me that day that he would do everything he could to accomplish getting me the things that were important to me. Being a defendant father and my ex having been a stay-at-home mother, I honestly didn’t have much faith in walking away with anything on my list. I decided to put my trust in Daniel, not necessarily because I believed he could do everything he said but instead I put my trust in him because after spending about an hour talking to him, it was clear he was a very intelligent person. I had talked to several lawyers prior to meeting Daniel and it was obvious his level of intelligence far exceeded anyone else’s. My assessment of him that day, turned out to be accurate. It wasn’t a sales pitch that made him come off as intelligent. The way he carries himself, the respect he’s earned from other lawyers and the things he was able to accomplish for me are all characteristics of a very intelligent person in my eyes. Daniel got me fair and equal time with my two young boys and quite a few other important things that I had overlooked that day I made my list. He even kept me in check when the divorce pushed me to behave like less than the person I am. Daniel was there to encourage me to do the right thing, be respectful and act with dignity. And for that alone, I’ll always be grateful. I have no doubt all of Daniel’s clients experience what I did. It’s just who he is.

Great attorney

Posted by Robert
August 27, 2018

I want to thank you for your excellent service in representing me and resolving my legal issue August 15, 2018. Your judgement and counsel made me much less apprehensive with the court proceedings. The eventual outcome was much better than what I ever expected. Your experience and wisdom is greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your law firm to anyone who might need legal counsel.


Posted by Michael
August 25, 2018

Helped administer my mom’s estate and did a great job making it very easy. Thank you.

spousal support

Posted by Larry
August 23, 2018

Had a terrible spousal support issue where I was going to get hammerd but was not. Thank you


Posted by Kathy
August 21, 2018

daniel did a greta job in my case, especially with custody for my kids, i would recommend to anyone in need

Excellent Represenative

Posted by Robert
August 19, 2018

Daniel Marchese provided excellent representation with my case . He was very accurate and honest in explaining the position I was in and the outcome proved he was 100% correct. He was also very reassuring in reducing my anxiety over the legal outcome.

Great Attorney

Posted by Kelly
August 17, 2018

Daniel Marchese did an excellent job for me. He is very thorough and gets everything taken care of in a timely matter.

Gave me peace of mind

Posted by Tina
July 16, 2018

I met Daniel during my initial consultation and felt immediately at ease. I had been a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years and was worried about making ends meet after my unfortunate divorce. Daniel and his team worked tirelessly to have the judge award me a fair alimony amount before my divorce was finalized. I was finally able to have a good night’s sleep in over a year. Daniel is fair and honest and I’m proud to recommend him as your lawyer.

Kept me part of my children’s lives

Posted by James
June 25, 2018

During my divorce I thought I was going to lose my kids. Heard about the Marchese Law Firm from a friend who told me Dan really cares about the children’s relationship with their father. Dan was able to negotiate joint 50/50 custody and I couldn’t have been happier. Dan has two sons of his own and you can tell he values family. Just an upstanding guy and someone you can call a friend during the difficult divorce process. Would recommend whole heartedly.

Glad I made the switch

Posted by Martin
June 19, 2018

I am truly thankful for that first phone call I made to Dan. I was going through a divorce and thought I could do it on my own with any old lawyer. So happy I made the switch to the Marchese Law Firm. Dan’s staff was thorough and always prepared which kept me at ease throughout the divorce process. It might seem cliché but it’s hard to deny that you have a good man fighting for you in your corner. Thanks Dan for everything. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Made a difficult time easier.

Posted by Amanda
May 15, 2018

I hired Daniel in 2017 to help me navigate my divorce and help gain physical custody of my two children. The divorce was final in Feb 2018 and throughout the entire process Daniel was supportive, calm, and professional, even in the face of my soon to be ex husband’s less than cordial demeanor. Daniel handled everything as much as possible only bringing me in when decisions had to be made and kept me from having to make too many appearances or face my husband in court. He made what could have been a nightmare of a proceeding as painless as it could have been and I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking separation and custody.


5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

February 7, 2018

Daniel really cares and takes care of his clients. He is not only a great attorney, but he is also a beautiful human being; hard to come by in this field. I choose him for his compassion and reputation. Divorce was a heart breaking life experience and I needed to someone I could trust. He is patient ,kind and really looks into every detail to make sure you’re well…

great work ethic

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

February 5, 2018

Just an overall great guy and extremely professional especially for delicate topics like prenuptial agreements. He works harder than any of the lawyers I consulted with before meeting him. Thanks Dan for all your help and guidance.

A lifesaver when it comes to wills

5.0 stars

Posted by Jayson

February 5, 2018

Thoroughly well versed when it came to wills and trusts. Unfortunately I was nearing 60 when I set up my will with Daniel. However his services were precise and no stone was left unturned. I recommended him to my son and now Daniel is working on my son’s will for his new family. Really thankful for the Marchese Law Firm.


5.0 stars

Posted by Christine

February 5, 2018

Daniel was very thorough and competent in representing me in my divorce. He was knowledgeable and patient when explaining things to me and realistic in predicting the possible outcomes. He has a great sense of humor which kept me grounded, and his calm manner was very reassuring.

Fantastic Experience

5.0 stars

Posted by Eric

February 3, 2018

Daniel did an exceptional job. Did everything I asked and more. He is very much into the little details and will not let anything slip by. Most definitely will use his services again if needed.

Great lawyer. Very friendly.

5.0 stars

Posted by Emily

January 2, 2018

Dan did a great job on my case. he was very friendly and thorough and being my first time going through the court system that was very helpful to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


5.0 stars

Posted by Michelle

December 9, 2017

I highly recommend Dan Marchese for any family law issues. Dan is absolutely wonderful to work with. I knew nothing about the legal system and all the terminology prior to my divorce case. Dan understood this and didn’t mind repeating things over and over if needed. He has the patience of a saint…

Great business advice with setting up my trust

5.0 stars

Posted by Scott

November 7, 2017

I met Dan through a mutual friend and he came highly recommended. I own a small business in which I have most of my retirement tied up in. Dan got me set up with a trust and will and I couldn’t be more thankful now going forward. He really puts your mind at ease. Only wish I would have gotten his contact info sooner!

Peace of mind with our newborn twins

5.0 stars

Posted by Heidi

November 6, 2017

My husband and I recently welcomed twins and immediately began thinking about how we can best take care of them should something tragic happen to us. Dan gave us a thorough consultation and we immediately hired him to draw up our will. Now we are both assured that our precious little ones will be taken care of.

Level of detail was impeccable

5.0 stars

Posted by Bill

November 5, 2017

Dan Marchese really puts your needs first when representing you as a lawyer. He made sure to go over the smallest detail regarding my will and even surprised me with parts that most regular lawyers will miss. He can relate to you on a personal level and takes away the stress that typically arises when dealing with attorneys.

Daniel Marchese review Nov 5, 2017

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

November 5, 2017

Daniel made changes / revisions to our will, medical decision documents and created a Living Trust for us. He did an excellent job. He was very professional. Answered all of our questions in a non legal manner so we would understand the answers.

Guided me well through my divorce

5.0 stars

Posted by Sam

November 2, 2017

I consulted Dan with respect to my divorce and came out of our meeting so much better prepared. I was worried I was going to experience significant anxiety with my divorce but with Dan’s expertise, I feel very confident and stress free moving on with my life.


5.0 stars

Posted by Jessica

November 2, 2017

Daniel was, exceptional!!! He made me feel confident and put my mind at ease right away. My husband and I hired him for bankruptcy and he couldn’t have made the process any easier. He is prepared, very smart and confident which allowed us to trust him every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.

Outstanding representation

5.0 stars

Posted by Maria

November 1, 2017

I chose Mr. Marchese to handle my divorce case based on his professionalism and guidance in my consultation. He was supportive through a long, drawn out process. He always reviewed potential actions with me and respected my feedback and wishes. In the end, he was able to lead me to the desired outcome. His patience and guidance made a difficult process much easier.

Glad I called

5.0 stars

Posted by Helen

October 31, 2017

Really want to personally thank Mr. Marchese for a phenomenal job setting up my mother’s power of attorney. Her husband/my father recently passed away and she wanted to be prepared should she have a medical accident. She is so much more at ease after my father’s passing and I can attribute that to the great work done by Dan who worked our case.

Attentive and reliable

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

October 26, 2017

Mr. Marchese was attentive to our concerns and offered thorough legal advice. He was also reliable and answered all of our correspondence promptly. He provided all services as promised.

Dan is the man.

5.0 stars

Posted by Chad

October 25, 2017

Dan was upfront and honest with me the entire process. Was there for me every time I called and showed up to every appointment on time. This is the first time I’ve actually dealt with an attorney who treated me like a real person. Big thanks to Dan and his staff for their professionalism.

Setting up a trust

5.0 stars

Posted by Andre

October 22, 2017

We hired Daniel to help us setup a trust. He was very flexible in accommodating our time schedule and was both friendly and professional. The knowledgeable advice he provided for our particular situation was much appreciated.

Estate Planning Insights

5.0 stars

Posted by Cynthia

October 17, 2017

I reached out to the Marchese Law Firm to get some serious questions answered about Estate Planning. We have kids a few years from college, and retirement beyond that for us, so I wanted to make sure I could find a trusted lawyer who could really help us understand the best course of action for us.

highly recommend

5.0 stars

Posted by Greg

October 17, 2017

Excellent attorney, spent a lot of time helping us with our estate issues, highly recommended


5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

October 16, 2017

I hired Dan Marchese to file a bankruptcy case. He’s very professional and knowledgeable. The process was made very easy and explained very through, all questions were answered and followed up will also.

Gave me confidence

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

October 16, 2017

Daniel was very helpful in guiding my family through difficult times. Highly recommended.

Good attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by Max

October 14, 2017

Good guy and very personable, took on my problem as if it was his own, and saw it through to resolution. Would highly recommend him.

Top Notch Service

5.0 stars

Posted by Ken

October 13, 2017

Real Estate Attorney – Dan was very helpful in guiding us on the purchase of our new home.


5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

October 12, 2017

Family Law Attorney – Mr. Marchese was very helpful in a child custody case I had many issues with. He provided a swift resolution to our problems.

Fantastic professional

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

October 12, 2017

Mr. Marchese is super professional individual. We felt extremely comfortable and confident with his expertise. His level of detail surprised even myself since he caught various errors in my paperwork that I had checked over multiple times with a fine tooth comb. If you want to sleep soundly at night, Mr. Marchese is your man.

Thoughtful and encouraging

5.0 stars

Posted by Tara

October 12, 2017

Estate Planning Attorney – Very thoughtful and encouraging in his effort to do our families’ estate plan.

Estate planning

5.0 stars

Posted by Claudia

October 12, 2017

Daniel Marchese has been very helpful, and incredibly professional in planning my family’s estate. We are thankful for all that he has done.

Accurate, Benevolent, Charismatic, Diplomatic, Efficient, Fast….

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

October 12, 2017

It’s as easy as ABCs working with Daniel. I came to him with concerns and he answered them swiftly. If you’re looking for honest, good quality work, he’s the attorney you’re looking for. I would recommend Daniel in a heartbeat.

Probate Settlement

5.0 stars

Posted by Janice

September 16, 2017

My husband and I are very satisfied with Mr. Marchese’s professionalism and knowledge in litigating my probate settlement.

Great Experience

5.0 stars

Posted by Nikki

July 2, 2017

Daniel was very helpful in talking us through the process of creating our will and trust documents, along with providing recommendations. We’re very happy with his service!

Very Responsive and professional

5.0 stars

Posted by Mike

June 22, 2017

Daniel responded to all communications very professionally and quickly. His answers always were always thorough and put us at ease. Definitely would recommend his services.


5.0 stars

Posted by Sherri

April 12, 2017

Knowledgeable, professional and quick to respond.

Got the job done

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

Daniel Marchese was prompt and efficient in getting me the documentation I needed to move forward on the closing of my deceased mother’s house.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by Joe

April 2, 2017

Hired firm for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Did a great job and made my tough time manageable.

Bankruptcy Attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by Joe

March 31, 2017

dan helped me get rid of $50k+ in debts, thank you.

Trust litigation

5.0 stars

Posted by R. Marie

March 29, 2017

Daniel and his firm helped my sister on a difficult trust court battle in probate court. He was the nicest person and won the majority of our claims.

Excellent Service

5.0 stars

Posted by Valerie

March 27, 2017

Dan Marchese was very helpful in updating our Trust and Estate Planning.

Great divorce lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by Nicole

March 24, 2017

Daniel and his firm did a great job on my divorce. They made a tough situation easy – thank you!

Expert Bankruptcy Legal Team

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

March 24, 2017

Very satisfied with the prompt attention given to my bankruptcy. Prompt meeting, paperwork completion and filing. Extremely prompt in responding to questions/concerns. Truly compassionate and understanding. With me every step of the way. Would highly recommend.

Trustworthy and Knowledgeable

5.0 stars

Posted by Diane

March 23, 2017

Daniel Marchese was very knowledgeable and was always available to help me with my case. When I discussed my legal needs it is clear that he listens and gives you knowledgeable solutions based on your specific issues. I used Daniel Marchese for wills and estate planning, and are pleased that I did!


5.0 stars

Posted by Miranda

March 23, 2017

Daniel was very professional, friendly and very prompt at answering back my emails with questions or concerns I had. I would definitely recommend or use his services again if needed.

Great lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by Michelle

February 7, 2017

Mr. Marchese is a great, reputable and very professional lawyer. He was very accommodating and flexible with his time because he met with me at a time most convenient for me. He was knowledgeable and very reassuring when he answered all my questions. He always called me back as soon as he can.

Exceptional Attorney

Mr. Marchese handled my divorce. At times my case became very frustrating to me due to the lack of cooperation from my ex-husband but, Mr. Marchese stayed in communication with me and kept me informed throughout every step of the process. Mr. Marchese welcomed every question I had and willingly worked around my busy schedule. I was very blessed to work with him.

Estate planning

Daniel did a great job in preparing our trust. Was affordable and worked around our schedule.

Estate planning

Mr. Marchese has been excellent in reviewing my trust. His suggestion and criticisms have helped me greatly and I feel confident that I have it set up to for my best benefit. He is always courteous, available and has his clients best interests at heart.

Divorce and will

Dan was extremely thorough and completed my divorce filing and will with a personal touch and genuine concern for my welfare that went far above and beyond what I could have expected.

Bankruptcy Consult

Mr. Marchese took the time to thoroughly review my circumstances and finances and provided me with the information I needed to make a logical decision and resolve my financial situation in the manner most beneficial to me.

Professional Services

I hired Daniel to draw up a trust and accompanying documentation. He was very thorough in his preparation and explanation and completed this in a timely manner. He and his staff were professional, courteous and most helpful. I would not hesitate to give him my highest recommendation

Estate planning

Mr Marchese was professional and knowledgeable in preparing our estate planning. Will continue to recommend him to family and friends.

Great Attorney

I had a situation that required some legal advise. Dan was quite knowledgeable and able to get me going in the right direction.

Stress free experience

Daniel Marchese made my bankruptcy experience easy and stress free. He was thorough, knowledgeable, very friendly, quick to respond, and truly made this an easy smooth experience.


Dan did a great job in helping us navigate through the probate process. He was honest, informative and respectful!

2016 Bankruptcy Case

Highly recommend for the following:
1. Willing to meet at a time best for you.
2. Always got back you as soon as he could via phone or email.
3. Took care of dealing with the creditors, especially within a few minutes, even though I would be on the phone for forever.

Quit Claim Deed

Mom’s house was to be sold within days, and my mom had forgotten that she had a trust and the trust owned the house. Daniel was able to put together the paperwork needed to enable the sale of the house without issue and on schedule.

Very Professional!

Daniel made my process very simple and informative. I would recommend him to anyone looking to do their bankruptcy. Daniel was very helpful throughout the entire process, and I felt I made informed decisions with the knowledge he shared.


I filed bankruptcy chapter 7, Daniel supported me and guided me through everything i had to do for the bankruptcy, he was very efficient at explaining everything to me, and he made sure i understood
what i was to do, i would use him again should i ever need a lawyer again

Professional, Knowledgable, Respectful

Dan did a great job helping us with a difficult civil case. We were from out of state and he was able and willing to work with us long distance. He let us know what options we had available to us and always kept cost in mind. His knowledge and determination helped us get a favorable outcome.

Professional, Thorough, Fair

As a financial planner I know the importance of expert advice and I know when to seek the assistance of professionals with greater knowledge than I in certain areas. Setting up a trust for my mother’s estate was one of those areas. I found Dan Marchese to be everything I want in professional relationships: client focused, knowledgeable, thorough and professional. Dan treated my mother as if she were his own and provided her with a thorough trust at a very reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to refer my family, friends or clients to Dan.

Let Daniel Marchese handle it for you.

I was very happy with Mr. Marchese. I had some confusing issues and we got everything worked out very satisfactory. He always returned my phone calls or e-mails right away and always kept me aware of what was going on with my case. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attourney and not sure what it is they are supposed to do concerning their case. Very satisfiied.

Scholar and a gentleman

Mr. Marchese took over my bankruptcy after I paid a suspended attorney for said attorney’s services. After months of no action and no communication, Mr. Marchese stepped up to the plate and was swift and efficient. He always called back or responded to my emails immediately. A very nice and kind man. He also worked for free to help me out.

Friendly & Efficient

Mr. Marchese took over my case from another attorney. He was able to get everything taken care of very fast and kept me up to date with everything that was going on and what to expect.

Trustworthy and Professional

Daniel helped us set up a living trust to assure our desires are carried out and to avoid the cost and time of probating our estate. We found Daniel to be thorough, professional, responsive, and pleasant. We have full confidence in using Daniel for other legal maters that should arise.

My Trust

Daniel was very honest and helpful when doing my Trust. He was very informative, prompt and explained things thoroughly ! I would highly recommend him to clients and friends.

I highly recommend Daniel

Daniel did a great job for me. He was efficient and accurate in his review of our contracts. He is a great attorney.

Awards & Associations